The Scottish addiction centre Castle Craig Hospital has recently expanded its activities to Belgium. The clinic offers residential addiction treatment  for people suffering from alcohol and drug addictions, many of whom have other complex mental disorders. Castle Craig’s services are an addition to the existing treatments  in Belgium, consisting of public rehab centres and psychiatric hospitals. 

The treatment takes place in Scotland, close to Edinburgh, only a 90 minute flight from Brussels. Admissions are possible within 24 hours after the first contact and there are no waiting times. Patient privacy is a priority for the staff.

The treatment effectiveness is measured yearly by independent auditors. In 2013, 73,4% of the patients were still abstinent from alcohol or drugs a year after treatment. The patient satisfaction rate is high: an annual Dutch research ‘GGZ thermometer’ has shown that 98% of the Dutch patients would recommend the treatment.

Different durations of treatment are offered, varying from several weeks to several months.
Aftercare is provided through e-health and it is possible to work together with local referrers.

The treatment is fully reimbursed by private insurance companies such as Cigna and Allianz. The staff (and in some cases their family members) of the  EU-institutions are reimbursed through the Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme. It is also possible to pay privately.

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